The professional team at LENS Consulting Group has over 36 years of professional knowledge and experience. They have completed over 1,100 custom projects — including over 480 manufacturing technology developments — in which they rethought and implemented complex systems in small businesses, large enterprises, and multinational environments. The greatest value of our specialists is that they can adapt developments to the needs of the Client, as they have learned that although there are professional points that come to the fore in every project, there are no two identical developments in this area! The most crucial aspect for us is the balance between continuous internal innovation and stable, secure business.

With experience across various industries, LENS can provide its partners with truly thoughtful and sophisticated alternatives. Their tens of thousands of hours of field experience during commissioning and operational support is essential for setting realistic and measurable goals.

Our colleagues are specialists in the following areas

  • Industrial process control
  • Field instruments, sensors
  • Electrical systems
  • Manufacturing process development, LEAN methodology
  • Production line mechanical modelling
  • Mechanical design and optimisation
  • Manufacturing efficiency analysis

As LENS scans the entire organisation and system, our solutions can range from installing simple field sensors to complex IT demands, if needed.