Controlled quality, safety, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness; these are ensured by the appropriate level and method of automation. Automation based on strategies, accurate plans, detailed solutions, and clear KPIs help companies to make drastic improvements. This design- and support-focused automation is the core competency of LCG.

We pursue realistic, measurable goals together with our partners, and these shared goals are the cornerstone of any successful development project. This allows you to precisely control how and where your development is going to serve your company’s strategic goals. In addition to the capabilities of I4.0, we also deal with security aspects. After all, production and security are just as important as data protection. During complex consulting projects, we always look at the big picture; we combine operative demands with the ownership’s goals to yield the best possible result. Thanks to our accumulated industry experience, our unique multi-platform capability, and the work we have completed over the last two decades, we provide detailed, accurate solutions for every client.