Security of supply, sustainability, energy efficiency, and economical power supply remain inconceivable in power engineering without a full level of automation. This is true not only during and after construction but also in the design phase. In order to provide a quality, stable supply for industrial and residential use, fine-tuned and fully controlled systems have to work like clockwork.

The complexity of energy projects is increasing rapidly due to ever-tightening environmental regulations and the proliferation of smart grids. The guidelines for the construction of a power plant must follow technical, economic, and legal rules. Remaining competitive in a constantly changing energy market is a challenge that requires an optimal solution. This is where the Lens Consulting Group can provide strategic support by recommending and implementing a variety of technologies based on the above considerations. Such support is not limited to the equipment forming the core of energy production (like boilers and turbines), but it also deals with the possible modification of auxiliary systems (fuel supply, preparation, flue gas treatment, heat recovery, etc.). For any modification, LENS provides projections of expected outcomes by using three-dimensional modelling and finite element method-based calculations.