Cost-effectiveness, market flexibility, sustainability, and reliable quality. Without these, there is no competitive auto industry. The diverse labour market and economic environment require the most comprehensive and state-of-the-art automation consulting services and IT tools such as IIoT and I4.0. By collecting and analysing useful information from production processes, LCG makes action plans and modifications that can have immediate, positive impacts on productivity and economic performance.

Changes in the labour market are not just a matter of scarcity: a reduction in production due to increased turnover and limited training capacity are pressing tasks that require system-wide solutions. Several technical solutions are available to resolve this situation, such as production automation, simplification and quality assurance of tasks, or even technology-supported, accelerated training processes; all of these can be a major step forward in increasing efficiency and productivity. Given all of I4.0’s capabilities, we also deal with security aspects. After all, production and security of supply are just as important as data protection. During complex consulting projects, we always look at the big picture; we combine operative demands with the ownership’s goals to yield the best possible result. We test, measure, recommend, and solve!