Gábor Megyeri (Founder)

International Industrial Cyber Security Expert
Electrical Engineer (Energy Specialist)
25+ years of international automation professional experience
25+ years of management experience
“Ethical hacker” (considers cybersecurity issues in industrial systems to be among the most serious challenges of the future)

György Biró (Founder)

International Industry 4.0 and Process Management Strategic Consultant
Production Automation Mechanical Engineer
18+ years of professional experience in the field of automation
18+ years of professional experience in the field of process control
200+ international projects
Industry 4.0, OTIT (“digitization”) strategist

Péter Hubina (Technical Director)

International Production Automation Consultant
Automation Engineer
20+ years of management experience
20+ years of international production automation experience
Head of design and implementation of special production lines

József Újvári (Strategic Project Manager)

Automation Expert
Programmer and Electrical Engineer
10+ years of professional experience
100+ professional projects

Kristóf Fábián (Industrial Project Manager)

Production Automation Expert
Business Analyst
8+ years of professional experience
75+ professional projects

Lens Consulting Group

H-1117 Budapest, Gábor Dénes u. 4. Infopark building “C” 6th floor
Tel:+36-1-488-7744, +36-1-488-7745


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